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About Lone Star NIL

LONE STAR NIL, LLC™️ is the new name, image and likeness opportunity established for the exclusive benefit of Texas-based collegiate student-athletes enrolled at in-state universities and colleges. The nation’s first NIL program with a select statewide focus, LONE STAR NIL promotes enrollment, retention and graduation at in-state schools, and directly connects Texan student-athletes with state businesses, charities and communities.

Enrolled Texan student-athletes at the state’s 116 public and private institutions are eligible for LONE STAR NIL, regardless of which school they choose to attend. And unlike other NIL collectives and marketplaces, LONE STAR NIL is operated independently without management from universities and colleges or their affiliated boosters and other supporters.

While permissible NIL opportunities have increased across college sports since 2021, most Texas student-athletes remain underserved by limited or non-existent name, image and likeness options. Further, many students, parents and others are insufficiently educated about NIL, and the Texas business community could be more informed and engaged in this beneficial space.

Instead of focusing on institutional boosters and supporters for NIL support, LONE STAR NIL primarily targets Texas-based companies, large and small, to associate their corporate brands with successful college student-athletes. LONE STAR NIL agreements may serve as a supplement to a student-athlete’s other name, image and likeness opportunities and can provide NIL engagement for those that may have limited or non-existent options.

LONE STAR NIL coordinates what’s become known as typical NIL activity, but also works to connect student-athletes and businesses through professional development, charitable giving and community service projects. And, by encouraging academic and athletic talent to stay in Texas, LONE STAR NIL is also motivated in ensuring that high-achieving graduating athletes continually populate the future Texas workforce.

LONE STAR NIL complies with Texas law, honors policies and guidance from institutions and national governing bodies such as the NCAA, and meets current and any evolving changes to federal NIL regulation.

LONE STAR NIL is a division of Southwest Sports Partners, LLC, a Frisco-based athletics consulting and events services firm led by President/CEO Tom Burnett, a native Texan, former NCAA Division I conference commissioner and recent chair of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee that administers March Madness and the Final Four.

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Photo by Natalie Embry

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